All-Natural Carpet

Cozy to walk on, this flooring comes in a rainbow of colors and can actually lower heating bills. Like your favorite sweater, carpet...
Contemporary Living Space with Wood Floor

Learn the pros and cons of wood, stone, concrete and carpet, along with buying tips. Before a room...
How to Embellish Dining Chairs

Think beyond the tabletop this holiday season and create some fun and festive dining chair embellishments. All it takes is a handful...


Boutique-Inspired Bedroom Retreat
0 475

Traveling publicist Meghann Gibbons brings her love for boutique hotels to a master bedroom makeover that's bold and trendy.
Grey Master Bedroom
0 41521

The right colors will turn your master bedroom into the personal retreat you crave. Choosing paint colors for your master bedroom is one...
Eclectic Mix
0 40727

Rustic, old world, contemporary — no matter which look you love best, these 19 gorgeous master suites are designed to delight.


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As the hub of the kitchen, a great island is part prep station, part gathering spot and part dining area. See how...
Italian Kitchen
0 615

It's one of the toughest rooms to redo, but we'll guide you through the process. The kitchen is...
Above the Curve
0 574

Pair European designs with modern elements to produce an Old World kitchen style. The Old World kitchen is often the design of choice...


Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up kids' rooms? Look no further than DIY washi tape and duct tape decorations! (Yes,...
0 5584

Getting kids organized can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be ugly. Take a look at 11 fabulous kids rooms, from...
0 21578

Get ready for baby's arrival with a nursery color scheme that is soothing and cheery. Designing a color scheme for your new nursery...


0 587

This hip haven makes it fun for kids to clean up their act with under-the-sea decor and beach-inspired accessories. Integrate an easel...
Use Patterns for Modern Space
0 506

A three-quarter bathrooms simple layout covers the basics: toilet, sink, shower. Interesting tilework and updated fixtures can dress up this mainly functional space. Ideal for...
Classic + Elegant Bathroom Makeover
0 40841

Browse your options for black and white bathrooms, and get ready to create a bath space that's a visually appealing study in...


Stylish and Colorful

A closet can be more than just a space to store items. Check out what makes these luxurious closets a place to...
Take Note

Is your home office sharing space with the family or living room? Professional organizer Vicki Norris gives tips to help you organize...
Morning Jolt
0 41399

The right color is important when designing a home office. You'll be spending a lot of stressed-out hours in there, after all....


Green Feng Shui Designed Office

Stephanie McWilliams transforms your life with feng shui changes to your home! Choose the area to improve and see what decorating fixes...
A Clever Kitchen

Lose the clutter and find peace of mind with these easy tips for creating an organized home. A Clean Cleaning Space [caption...
Lime Green + Golden Yellow

Take your home to a bold new level by trying out one of these unexpected, but surprisingly perfect, color palettes. Did you...



Before you buy that giant grill, make sure you have the right surface to place it on. Here's how to choose the...
Rustic Porch

While a porch can be a straightforward structure, it can also involve a lot of variables that make proper...


Planting for Privacy- Browse these front and backyards and get ideas for creating a green screen for your outdoor living space. Perennial...

From custom-built fireplaces to grand gathering spaces, find design inspiration for your patio. A Grand Entrance


0 477

This easy-to-make seed tape takes the guesswork out of planting and is a great project for kids to tackle. Materials Needed toilet paper, paper towels...
Traditional Entryway Decorated for Christmas
0 622

A few special decorating tips will add even more holiday cheer to your front entryway. Materials Needed: 24 shatterproof ornaments, extra-large in...


0 640

Bean sprouts are a nutritious addition to your diet and are relatively simple to grow. Here's how. Sprouting Beans and Seeds in Jars Many kinds...
See Rock City

Want to raise chickens but not sure what type of coop is best for your backyard? These 11 stylish hen houses will...


Upcycle old crates and pallets to build an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Use it as a drink station at your next backyard party...
Choosing a Statement Plant

Tiny containers look cute, but to create a statement, go for big, bold, sculptural plants in dramatic pots.



0 467

Coffee is really a phenomenom around the world. There are so many different ways to prepare it, and there can be so many different...


12 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Most Women Make

Whaaa? Women can make mistakes in relationships? Well, I suppose I've heard everything. Anywhom, these are the 12 most common mistakes women make to...


0 407

With denim being the coolest fashion trend ever invented, we often try to find more interesting ways of wearing it to amp up our...


5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Thigh Fat

When it comes to our fatty regions, women are very self-conscious. This means that we will go to any length to hide those dimples...



Six-Pack Secret

The Secret to Hollywood Abs. You, too, can have an action-hero six-pack- but only if you want it bad enough. When any new action film...


4 Things You Should Never Say While Watching Porn with Her
0 41021

What was once taboo is increasingly common, but that doesn't mean that watching porn together is as simple as dialing up Channel 937 via...


Men’s Fashion Basics -Dressing For A Job Interview
0 41295

Introduction Yes, it’s that time again. You’ve decided to make a change and go for that job you’ve always wanted. Everything is set for you...


0 954

With over 120,000 CLS and CLS Shooting Brakes built since the introduction of the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS in 2010, it is safe to...



Dealing With Signs of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy

After morning sickness subsides, pregnancy’s a piece of cake, right? Not always. Sometimes complications during pregnancy develop. That’s what one young woman found out...


Nursery Alphabet
0 631

When I was small, I remember how big the backyard seemed and what a fantastical place it was. The hedges were a labyrinth, the tall...


Snuggly slippers
0 624

THESE CUTE SLIPPERS are perfect for keeping little feet warm around the house. They are quick to knit—three sections worked in chunky-weight yarn—and take just...


Stages of Puberty
0 41582

Help your children feel positive about the changes in their body. Puberty in Boys Puberty begins for boys as early as the age of eight...



Snuggly slippers
0 624

THESE CUTE SLIPPERS are perfect for keeping little feet warm around the house. They are quick to knit—three sections worked in chunky-weight yarn—and take just...
0 543

Keren Peled, of Lincoln, Calif., was creative even from the early age of four years old. The clever youngster found ways to realize her...
Crochet Circle Necklace
0 586

How to crochet an eye-catching necklace using sparkly gold yarn. Materials and Tools: scissors size...
Jar Cozy



Nursery Alphabet
0 631

When I was small, I remember how big the backyard seemed and what a fantastical place it was. The hedges were a labyrinth, the tall...

Do you say this to yourself every time you use a wrench or turn on the garden hose? Most people do. Download...
Ribbon Embroidery Pillow Cases

This tutorial was inspired by the needle and thread challenge. To make Two 50 cm by 77,5 cm pillow cases: 2-metres solid quilt weight fabric in white (you don't...


Knit and purl stitches
0 660

Knit and purl stitches are the basis of all knitting. On their own they offer a tremendous number of possibilities. The smoothness of the...
Woven Woolen Rug
0 743

This lovely rug is made from leftover chunky wool. This knitted rug is the simplest of projects to...
Simple Cotton Bath Mat
0 525

This bath mat couldn't really be easier to knit or more satisfying to complete. You end up with a real life, fully functional bath...


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels
0 528

I love the look of cotton print appliqués on linen because the textured feel of linen helps the smooth appliqué fabric stand out nicely. Select...
Easy-to-Craft Baby Bull Halloween Costume
0 622

Inexpensive felt, a ready-made beanie cap, black leggings and a top and are all you need to craft this cute (and comfy!)...
Love Bugs
0 650

Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day gift to give the littlest loves in your life? Try this heart-shaped love bug! Small enough to fit...


Banded V-Neck on Knit Fabric
0 520

The V-neckline is a focal point of a garment and should be done well because inaccuracy is glaring. This band overlaps at the point, a...
0 503

Carry your tablet or laptop in style with a custom-made caddy. This is the perfect project for a beginner seamstress since a...
0 480

Turn two old t-shirts into a child's play dress. Use a heart stamp and fabric ink to add a holiday-inspired pattern she can wear...





How to Make Ravioli
0 578

Ravioli (plural; singular: raviolo) are a traditional type of food in Italian cuisine. They are a type of filled pasta (dumpling), and are composed...


0 543

Keren Peled, of Lincoln, Calif., was creative even from the early age of four years old. The clever youngster found ways to realize her...

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