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While finding your dose of inspiration in terms of the most functional, wearable and coolest celebrity looks maybe something hard to do when it...
10 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Summer
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The wedding season is upon us and we are scrambling over the Internet to find just the right looks to be wearing as...
Hair Pantone
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With the New Year come new ideas, new beginnings and often times, new hairstyles. You can always cut your hair short or leave it...
How to Use Hair Chalk
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As far as there exist revolutionary hair crayons and you know how to use hair chalk for creating mesmerizing mermaid-style tie-dye hair effect, there...
20 Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style
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We have about 2 weeks left until New Year’s Eve rolls around and we stand with a glass of champagne in our perfectly manicured hands,...
Spring/ Summer 2015 Trendy Ponytail Hairstyles
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We all love the classic beautiful ponytail hairstyles. They’ve got a certain charm to them, are easy to pull off and you can wear...
10 Pretty Hairstyles for Dirty Hair Days
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Your hair may be dirty, a bit on the oily side and most certainly messy from sleeping on it all night, but you neither...
Get Great Hair By Caring For Your Scalp
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Your scalp's health can be the key to having fewer bad hair days and getting the great hair you deserve. Think of your scalp as...
Inspiration: 10 Wedding Hairstyles
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Bridal hair doesn't have to entail a stiff, curly updo. Check out these pretty, creative and dramatic wedding hairstyles, easily translated from the runway...
How to Choose the Hair Conditioner That's Right for You
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Find the best conditioner for your hair with these easy tips and tricks. All about conditioner Do you know why hair conditioners are an important...
8 Tips: How to Grow Hair Faster
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What's worse than a bad hair day? A bad hair month! If you're suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to a haircut gone wrong,...
2015 Hair Color Trends
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When it comes to 2015 hair color trends, throw all hair rules out the window, because 2015 will be the year of exotic hair...
7 Moisturizing Hair Masks You Need to Know About
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In less than 15 minutes, these ultra-rich and nourishing deep-conditioning masks will make your hair smoother, stronger and super shiny. Best for coarse hair [caption id="attachment_3922"...
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Fine, Medium or Coarse? This refers to the diameter of each individual strand. Naturally blonde hair...
14 Beauty Products Made With Hemp
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We've all heard of the powers of pot when smoked or baked into a tasty treat, but cannabis can also have a great effect...
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