Weight Loss

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Thigh Fat

When it comes to our fatty regions, women are very self-conscious. This means that we will go to any length to hide those dimples...
Victoria’s Secret Angels Exercise Secrets Revealed!

Victoria’s Secret models are gorgeous and those Angels certainly have bodies most women out there would kill for. The worst part is, some of...
Vegetarian Diet Tips and Benefits

Being a vegetarian has an array of advantages both in terms of keeping fit and sporty and for just doing some good to the...
The Kremlin Diet Plan: Pros and Cons
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The Kremlin diet plan is one of the most popular options of weight loss existing encompassing several advantages at once. This diet will give...
Detox Diets: 4 Tips
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Juice diets are popular among celebrities. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow once told reporters that her three-week juice diet “worked wonders.” But there’s a lot of controversy...
Foods You Should Never Eat At Night If You Don’t Want to Gain Weight
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There may not be any conclusive studies showing that you will gain weight if you eat before bed, there are enough studies showing that...
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When you think of antioxidants, chances are you think of blueberries and other brightly coloured superfoods, but the truth is that there are many...
Dieting Dilemmas and How to Overcome Them
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Diets are a difficult thing to stick to. The first few days are the easiest because you’re so motivated. It quickly becomes a little...
How To Crank Up Your Metabolism
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Don’t settle for a sluggish system. Boost your calorie-burning superpowers with these expert tips to smoke fat 24/7. Have you ever watched a slim woman...
8 Ways to Blast Belly Fat
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Discover how to whittle your waistline and shrink ab fat cells, from reducing trans fats to lowering your stress levels. Here are great exercise...
10 Diet Rules to Ditch and World's Worst Celebrity Diets
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Exclusive advice on what diet rules could be ruining your weight-loss efforts. 1. Eat only low-fat foods. This strategy could actually sabotage your weight-loss plans and...
7 Fun Ways to Add New Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet
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Have you ever thought about how to add new fruits and veggies to your eating plan instead of the typical tomato and broccoli? I...
Tried and True Tips for Cleaning Up Your Diet
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Eating healthy is a goal for many people, but most of us give up on this goal without even trying. You might think that...
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