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Learn how to repurpose an old office chair into a bed for a dog or cat. TOOLS scissors hot-glue gun embroidery needle screwdriver
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My brother has an outdoor cat. A fourteen year old orange tabby, Pumpkin is an enormous, lovable beast who spends his days romping...
Collie Dog at Holiday Pet Party
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Forget a pet-friendly party –– this one is completely pet-focused. Pamper your favorite dogs this holiday season with a party guaranteed to...
Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
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For canines who are peanut butter fans, this homemade dog treat gets a double dose of nutty goodness from the batter and...
Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
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Surprise man's best friend with these nutritious, homemade goodies that can be baked using many of the ingredients you already have on hand. Not only...
Bone-Shaped Dog Biscuits With Cream Cheese Frosting
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Make these healthy and delicious dog treats for your favourite four-legged friend. There are so many gourmet options available at most pet stores,...
Strawberry Shortcake Dog Biscuit
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Delight your pet with this dog-friendly take on the classic berries-and-cream dessert. Makes three dozen cookies
Cat Playing With Catnip Toy
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Don't forget your furry best friend when making handmade gifts for the holidays. With just basic sewing skills, you can whip up...
How to Make a Christmas Cat Spinner Wand
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In all of the gifting during the holidays, don't forget about your furry friends. This holly-themed cat toy is easy to make...
How to Make Peanut Butter Bones For Your Dog
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Fill your kitchen with the scent of fresh-baked cookies, and make your pup drool at the same time with these yummy peanut butter treats.
The Real Master of the Room
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Design your home with your best friend in mind. Get ideas with these pet-friendly spaces. Taking a Dip
How To Make A Christmas Dog Collar
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We all like to dress up for the holidays, even our pets. This holly-leaf collar requires little sewing skills and costs just a few...
10 Ways to Deal with the Loss of Your Pet
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Coping with the loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences you can ever live through. Losing your pet is like...
10 Things to Consider if You Want an Unusual Pet
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At some point in our lives, many of us will consider owning a pet. For most people, this might mean a dog, cat or...
Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Pet
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No matter whether you like dogs or cats, there are many reasons to adopt a rescue pet. Most people get a purebred pet from...
Are you ready for a pet?
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Make sure you've considered everything from pet insurance to vet bills to ensure the best life for both you and your new addition. Pet? Nyet?...
10 Best Cat Breeds for Children
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Kids and cats seem to have a special bond. Maybe it’s because they have a lot in common- they love attention and play. Unlike...
10 Best Dog Breeds for Children
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Getting a dog is one of the most important decisions one can make in life. Dogs provide a lot of fun, they are loyal...
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