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Pretty vintage style particularly with a reference to the Seventies has always influenced Jill Stuart’s feminine style, who has tried to dress women in comfortable,...
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'80S ATHLETIC STYLE MERGED WITH HIGH FASHION MOTIFS. We’ve been given a sneak peak at a rather intriguing collection. It appears as if the Adidas...
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While Milan had become the center of silk and textile production in the 20th century, beginning in the 1950s, Florence was the fashion capital...


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From exotic delicacies to seemingly everyday edibles, these weird food items might look tempting, but proceed with caution—they could actually kill you. Ackee [caption id="attachment_6231" align="alignnone"...
10 Amazing Christmas Traditions around the World
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Although each country has its own Christmas, Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated in the whole world and in different ways. The meaning...
7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Christmas in London
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London is deservedly one of the most wonderful and magnificent cities in the world. Thousands of travelers and visitors come to London each year...


How To Protect Your Online Financial Information
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Financial expert, Marc Saltzman, shares five easy ways you can protect your online financial information. As they say on Twitter, ICYMI (in case you missed...
How To Avoid E-Mail Scams
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We've all done it. In comes the e-mail message from a good friend. Its alarming subject line: Virus with No Cure. A few clicks...
How To Shop Online Safelyvideo
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When you shop online, make sure you are smart about the whole purchasing process-know who you are dealing with, know what you are buying,...


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Learn how to repurpose an old office chair into a bed for a dog or cat. TOOLS scissors hot-glue gun embroidery needle screwdriver
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My brother has an outdoor cat. A fourteen year old orange tabby, Pumpkin is an enormous, lovable beast who spends his days romping...
Collie Dog at Holiday Pet Party
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Forget a pet-friendly party –– this one is completely pet-focused. Pamper your favorite dogs this holiday season with a party guaranteed to...




Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up kids' rooms? Look no further than DIY washi tape and duct tape decorations! (Yes,...


Planting for Privacy- Browse these front and backyards and get ideas for creating a green screen for your outdoor living space. Perennial...
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With denim being the coolest fashion trend ever invented, we often try to find more interesting ways of wearing it to amp up our...
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With over 120,000 CLS and CLS Shooting Brakes built since the introduction of the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS in 2010, it is safe to...
Snuggly slippers
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THESE CUTE SLIPPERS are perfect for keeping little feet warm around the house. They are quick to knit—three sections worked in chunky-weight yarn—and take just...


How to Saute Shrimp

This tasty beloved shellfish cooks up quick. Quick-Cooking Shrimp Shrimp are a crowd-pleaser and a great protein for any night of the week, because they cook...


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels
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I love the look of cotton print appliqués on linen because the textured feel of linen helps the smooth appliqué fabric stand out nicely. Select...


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Beauty editors are witnessing a pro-ageing revolution - and Estée Lauder has just swept to victory by leading the game-changers with its latest...


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Keren Peled, of Lincoln, Calif., was creative even from the early age of four years old. The clever youngster found ways to realize her...
Estee Lauder

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