Six-Pack Secret

The Secret to Hollywood Abs. You, too, can have an action-hero six-pack- but only if you want it bad enough. When any new action film...
Food for Men: 10 Foods to Boost Male Health

Foods men should include in their diets to improve health and prevent disease. Men are different from women in all kinds of ways -- including...

Stop wasting time and get your focus on The piercing pitch of an alarm clock might sound like pure evil to most men—especially when you...


Men’s Fashion Basics -Dressing For A Job Interview
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Introduction Yes, it’s that time again. You’ve decided to make a change and go for that job you’ve always wanted. Everything is set for you...
How To Match Your Socks To Your Outfit
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The Socks Conundrum Sometimes even the most simple of tasks is a struggle. What should be an easy process can become complicated and confusing –...
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Green With Envy Green was also prominent in many high fashion collections, with darker shades of olive, bottle, khaki, pine and hunter green proving the...


8 Interesting Men’s Oud Fragrances
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In The Mood For Oud? It’s been prized for centuries for its rich, smoky resinous and slightly animalic aroma, but in the last few years...
10 Pieces of Wisdom That Make You More Attractive
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There are two things that are timeless: Great advice and the appeal of a well-groomed man, particularly a nicely trimmed beard. Read on for...
Up Your SEX Appeal
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Wanna Be Hotter? If you ask anyone to say something positive about themselves, you’ll generally get the response, I’m a good softball player, or I...


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With over 120,000 CLS and CLS Shooting Brakes built since the introduction of the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS in 2010, it is safe to...
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A Coupe used to be a car with a closed two-door body and a permanently attached fixed roof, with room for just two persons...
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The year is 1961 and JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy), youngest president in the US history has just taken the "big chair" in White House....




Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up kids' rooms? Look no further than DIY washi tape and duct tape decorations! (Yes,...

Planting for Privacy- Browse these front and backyards and get ideas for creating a green screen for your outdoor living space. Perennial...
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With denim being the coolest fashion trend ever invented, we often try to find more interesting ways of wearing it to amp up our...
Snuggly slippers
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THESE CUTE SLIPPERS are perfect for keeping little feet warm around the house. They are quick to knit—three sections worked in chunky-weight yarn—and take just...


How to Saute Shrimp

This tasty beloved shellfish cooks up quick. Quick-Cooking Shrimp Shrimp are a crowd-pleaser and a great protein for any night of the week, because they cook...


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels
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I love the look of cotton print appliqués on linen because the textured feel of linen helps the smooth appliqué fabric stand out nicely. Select...


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Learn how to repurpose an old office chair into a bed for a dog or cat. TOOLS scissors hot-glue gun embroidery needle screwdriver


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Beauty editors are witnessing a pro-ageing revolution - and Estée Lauder has just swept to victory by leading the game-changers with its latest...


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Keren Peled, of Lincoln, Calif., was creative even from the early age of four years old. The clever youngster found ways to realize her...
Estee Lauder

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