Dealing With Signs of Preeclampsia During Pregnancy

After morning sickness subsides, pregnancy’s a piece of cake, right? Not always. Sometimes complications during pregnancy develop. That’s what one young woman found out...
Pregnancy And Depression: How To Take Care Of Yourself

Although pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time, some women suffer from depression throughout. Check out our expert tips on what you should...
Exercising Safely

Staying fit in pregnancy has many benefits for you and your baby and increases your stamina for labor and birth. If you had an exercise...


Nursery Alphabet
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When I was small, I remember how big the backyard seemed and what a fantastical place it was. The hedges were a labyrinth, the tall...
Baby Shower Gift Idea: Travel Kit To Take To The Hospital
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Next time you attend a baby shower, help the guest of honor be as prepared as possible by gifting her with a kit that...
10 Things Your Mom Never Told You
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Pregnant. There it was, clear as day, two blue lines staring back at me from the small pregnancy test I had just purchased. I double checked... One...


Stages of Puberty
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Help your children feel positive about the changes in their body. Puberty in Boys Puberty begins for boys as early as the age of eight...
4 Common Nutritional Mistakes In Your Kid's Diet And How To Fix Them
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Keeping your kids' meals healthy and delicious can be a challenge. Here are four simple ways to avoid these common nutritional mistakes. Breakfast on the...
5 Tips For Dealing With Teen Dating
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Learn how to talk about dating with your socially developing teen. Q: I have a 16-year-old daughter who wants to date and I am totally...




Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up kids' rooms? Look no further than DIY washi tape and duct tape decorations! (Yes,...

Planting for Privacy- Browse these front and backyards and get ideas for creating a green screen for your outdoor living space. Perennial...
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With denim being the coolest fashion trend ever invented, we often try to find more interesting ways of wearing it to amp up our...
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With over 120,000 CLS and CLS Shooting Brakes built since the introduction of the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS in 2010, it is safe to...


How to Saute Shrimp

This tasty beloved shellfish cooks up quick. Quick-Cooking Shrimp Shrimp are a crowd-pleaser and a great protein for any night of the week, because they cook...


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels
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I love the look of cotton print appliqués on linen because the textured feel of linen helps the smooth appliqué fabric stand out nicely. Select...


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Learn how to repurpose an old office chair into a bed for a dog or cat. TOOLS scissors hot-glue gun embroidery needle screwdriver


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Beauty editors are witnessing a pro-ageing revolution - and Estée Lauder has just swept to victory by leading the game-changers with its latest...


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Keren Peled, of Lincoln, Calif., was creative even from the early age of four years old. The clever youngster found ways to realize her...
Estee Lauder

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